Festival Winner

Hurray! Our short film, The Tunnel, won the award for Best Art/Experimental Film at the 2014 West Chester Film Festival!

The film festival was an absolute blast! A special thanks goes out to everyone who was able to attend. It was a very special evening and we would like to thank the West Chester Film Festival for having us.

Nominated for Best Experimental Film

We are extremely proud to announce that the short film, The Tunnel, is an official selection of the 2014 West Chester Film Festival! The film was also nominated for Best Experimental Film! Congratulations to everyone involved and to all those who helped make the film come to life.

The film festival will run from April 25 - 27th. More details to follow once the time and date of the film screening is released.

The Tunnel Has Been Accepted Into the Alexandria Film Festival 2013!

We would like to officially announce that The Tunnel has been accepted into the Alexandria Film Festival just outside of Washington, D.C.

The event will run from November 7th - 10th, 2013. As of right now, the film is expected to premiere on Sunday the 10th. If that changes, updates will follow.

I would like to again congratulate everyone who helped make this short film possible and if you can attend the screening on the 10th of November, I will see you there!

The Tunnel: It’s A Wrap!

After many hours of hard work our short film has been completed. We'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped us complete this project, our sponsors, our dedicated cast & crew, all of the actresses who auditioned, and each of you who donated your time, talents, (and mirrors) so that this film could be made. Now we begin the process of entering it into film festivals. 

Lead Actress Michele Racey
A very special thanks to our lead actress Michele Racey, who had to endure scorching heat, rapid-fire takes, constant jogging, bugs, snakes, and sadistic douses of warm water during the long hours of shooting. She did it all with a smile and in the end delivered a solid performance we hope a lot of people will get a chance to see. 

Please stay tuned to find out the festivals where you can catch a screening of The Tunnel

Once again, thanks to everyone... 

Our Cast: 
Michele Racey 
Brittany Leoni 
Natalie Merlino 

Our Crew: 
Ryan Kroboth, Director of Photography 
Will Gordon, Sound Recording 
Jonathan Herrera, Lead Grip 
Sam Mattson & Brandon Matrese, Grips 

Our Production/Post-Production Team: 
Cory Reed Blasdell, Director, Editor, Sound & Music 
Andrew M. Karasik, Producer www.30thStreetEntertainment.com
Rick Blasdell, Assistant Director 

And All of Our: 
Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers.

Top Ten Things We Learned While Shooting The Tunnel

  1. Next film, estimate the hours we’ll need to shoot—then multiple by three. 
  2. It’s amazing the amount of money it takes to shoot a no-budget film. 
  3. If it ain’t broke—just wait two minutes. 
  4. A diy-wheelchair-rickshaw doesn’t necessarily make the best camera dolly. 
  5. An all male crew has tons more energy when attractive young females are on set. 
  6. One take is hardly ever enough, but sometimes it’s all you get. 
  7. Mirrors don’t break on cue, even when you drop them onto hard surfaces—like stones! 
  8. It takes a lot more wind than you think to blow a leaf off of a train track. 
  9. Sometimes your producer will do anything to get on camera, including: walking into shots while you’re still filming. 
  10. Munchies & Coffee...lots and lots of coffee! 

The Tunnel: Our Latest Short Film Project

A mysterious tunnel is about to turn Gale's quiet morning jog into a nightmare she can't escape.

Our latest short film project is titled The Tunnel which we plan to start shooting in early April.

This atmospheric psychological thriller will combine elements of a classic Twilight Zone episode with a dash of European cinematic flare. The digital film will be shot on location in York County using historic locations by a small, but talented, local crew. Our goal is to enter the completed film into various independent film festivals throughout the United States or select international festivals.

Check out our trailer.

You can help put York County on the filmmaking map. Here's how... 

Become A Real Movie Producer For As Little As $5

Now you too can become a real movie producer and see your name in The Tunnel's film credits. It's incredibly cheap and easy! 

IndieGoGo.com is a website created for the sole purpose of allowing average people an affordable way to contribute to any project they choose.

You can help bring The Tunnel to life by contributing as little as $5. We are trying to raise money to upgrade our film equipment and cover the cost of festival entry fees. The more money we raise the more festivals we can enter and the more people will see your name on the "big" screen.

It's amazingly simple. To find out how simple click here: IndieGoGo.com